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Published on 8/19/2020 (3 years 335 days ago) Blog



Winter Maintenance Tips For Property Managers

Unless you live in a tropical locale, there is no avoiding the fact that you will have to take the necessary steps to prepare your rental property for when the temperature drops below freezing. After all, bitter cold and falling snow often show no mercy and have the potential to inflict a lot of damage to your property. Need a little help getting started?...

Published on 2/4/2020 (4 years 167 days ago) Blog



A New Era: Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are creating a new challenge for property owners. Earlier this year, the number of ESAs surged across the United States. While support animals can be a true benefit to those with mental disorders "giving companionship, stability, and structure to those who need it most," this concept is being abused by many who use this term loosely to keep their pets close....

Published on 8/7/2019 (4 years 348 days ago) Blog



Finding the right fit

Not all property management companies are created equal, and there are a lot of companies to choose from. How do you know which one is the right fit? Each boasts different strengths and skill sets, but there are a few key considerations when selecting a partner to manage your investment....

Published on 6/12/2019 (5 years 39 days ago) Blog



It doesn't have to be this hard

It's 2019! The good news? Technology has allowed us to improve efficiencies, making the consumer experience much easier for many industries. The bad news? The rental industry is still catching up. For renters, frustrations like waiting on hold to hear back from an owner, waiting in the office to meet with a property manager, mailing paperwork, and dropping off checks at various locations should be a thing of the past....

Published on 5/2/2019 (5 years 80 days ago) Blog



Make your best bet: Tenant selection

Perhaps one of the most important things that property management companies do is manage the tenant acquisition and selection process. Each company has their own vetting process, and while no screening process is fool-proof, the time you take up front is well worth the effort to avoid a poor tenant selection. If you use a property manager, we've got you covered....

Published on 3/21/2019 (5 years 122 days ago) Blog



Sweet, sweet summertime

Summer 2019 Vacation Rentals in the Flathead Valley are filling up fast! Check out these listings below and be sure and share with those who are looking to vacation to Northwest Montana. Both spots come with docks or boat slips to get on the lake! Call for availability today.  Shorz Edge on Flathead Lake Hanging Rock on Flathead River...

Published on 2/6/2019 (5 years 165 days ago) Blog



They're everywhere: checking for dust mites

Dust mites account for 70% of all respiratory allergies, much more common in fact, than food allergies - especially for children. Dust mite allergies have become a full-blown health problem that no one is talking about.  This can be an even bigger issue for those moving into rental dwellings.It wasn't until I started digging into this issue a little deeper that I realized such a simple, easy, and effective test for dust mites existed!  Check out this video on the Ventia Test and run the 10-minute test on any suspect areas to move you and your family toward a healthier indoor living environment.  It pays to test....

Published on 1/15/2019 (5 years 187 days ago) Blog



new regulation hits the flathead: permitting reaches short term vacation rentals

Have you received on of these!? Or one like it from Flathead County or another municipality regarding permitting of your short term rental property that you may have listed on sites like VRBO and Airbnb? You may have heard about recent legislation or ordinances regarding short term or vacation rentals but have not researched how to navigate the sometimes cumbersome permitting processes. ...

Published on 12/17/2018 (5 years 216 days ago) Blog



To insure or not to insure? That is the question.

You're away from your rental for the weekend and get a call from your downstairs neighbor, "there is water coming from our ceiling and dripping into our living room. I think we can hear water running in your apartment." Life happens - it's that simple. As a renter, what are you responsible for? What is your owner responsible for?...

Published on 11/22/2018 (5 years 241 days ago) Blog




I have been told that online content should have water marked photos and I understood why this week.  One of my listings was digitally stolen and offered back via scam at a lower 'too good to be true" price.  When the false ad was clicked on, it was almost laughably a scam.  However, for some shoppers or a better scammer, these things may be harder to spot.  Always deal locally with a real person (preferably on the phone and not texts or e-mails) when shopping for anything online that involves private parties.  Know the warning signs. Learn more tips to avoid scams by taking a look at this article. ...

Published on 10/23/2018 (5 years 271 days ago) Blog


Film it. Post it. Sign Customers.

If you are of a younger generation or an older generation that observes younger people in the business world today, you are beginning to see the powerful impact of video. Video is becoming nearly all that matters in the digital marketing world. In fact, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Take a look at this article that highlights the effects of video marketing and its staggering success statistics. ...

Published on 10/5/2018 (5 years 289 days ago) Blog



Upgrading your investment: spend where it counts

We all want the nicest looking rentals that we can provide. However, not all money spent on renovation yields higher rents. As we face Flathead Valley's construction boom, you can estimate your total cost for renovations if you carefully think through the appeal of new features, estimate the cost, and then add another 25%!...

Published on 9/22/2018 (5 years 302 days ago) Blog



Time to invest: Flathead valley apartment market strong

"Apartments, compared with other asset property types, have a strong performance history and will likely continue to outperform in the foreseeable future."- Elizabeth Miller, Appfolio We have all had a front row seat to the construction craze this season. The Flathead Valley's construction statistics are second only to Bozeman with regard to growth in the state of Montana. However, this frenzy has created some pretty high construction costs. ...

Published on 9/4/2018 (5 years 320 days ago) Blog



Why managing your own investment may be a dangerous move

I have owned Flathead Valley rental properties for years. I'll be the first to admit that never thought a property manager was totally necessary. And then I attended a week-long property management training and certification course and studied the Residential Landlord Tenant Act . It became very clear that there are multiple benefits to hiring a property manager - risk reduction is one of the most important. It's no shock that owning an investment property can be a sound financial move....

Published on 7/25/2018 (5 years 361 days ago) Blog



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