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Winter Maintenance Tips For Property Managers


Unless you live in a tropical locale, there is no avoiding the fact that you will have to take the necessary steps to prepare your rental property for when the temperature drops below freezing. After all, bitter cold and falling snow often show no mercy and have the potential to inflict a lot of damage to your property. Need a little help getting started? Well, then, have a look at our list of the top things every property owner needs to do to get their rental properties ready for the treacherously cold winter season.

Have a plan for snow removal
You should have your sidewalk clear of snow and ice as it can result in tenant injuries from slips, trips, and falls. The rental lease should state who is responsible for snow or ice removal as per city ordinances and local laws – you or your tenant. In case your tenant is responsible for the snow removal, you must make sure that they are updated on the proper techniques as well as local laws regarding snow shoveling, ice melt applications, and snow disposal. To ensure adequate and quick snow removal, on the
other hand, you are better off hiring a professional snow plowing agency.

Make sure outdoor lighting is adequate at night​
Outdoor lighting not only beautifully illuminates your property but also provides safety and security. Installing outdoor safety lights is an excellent way to make sure that your tenants stay safe and don't fall or trip on ice during the harsh winter nights. Being able to see is something so fundamental to safety, especially at the dark and bleak winters, that it’s surprising anyone would choose not to care about installing high visibility LED lighting at their property.

Check heating systems​
Inevitably, heating systems never fail when being lightly utilized in the warmer months. They tend to break down when the coldest of temperatures hit. This causes an emergency for not only tenant livability but even spreads to the potential for freezing
pipes and subsequent flooding. To aggravate the problem, most heating contractors are at their busiest when those cold snaps hit. This creates enormous scheduling issues to get systems repairs in a timely fashion. Get routine heating system maintenance checks scheduled proactively in the fall and avoid the stressful instance of a heat failure at the height of angry winters!

Wipe windows to prevent mold buildup
Window condensation can get so annoying – it blocks the outside view, drips on the sill, and creates a wet mess. But did you know that if left unchecked, it can also turn into mold and mildew? So, you (and tenants) must keep windows clean at all times – even a
simple wipe whenever you see condensation building up can help.

Closing thoughts​
Winterizing your rental property is all about planning and being prepared. By being proactive, landlords can reduce the risk of unhappy tenants, costly repairs, and being negligent. Need a helping hand when it comes to preparing your property for the winter season? You can trust the team at Frontier West to handle winter checklists to prepare your property for the freezing cold weather.

Published on 2/4/2020 (4 years 22 days ago) Blog


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