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Why managing your own investment may be a dangerous move


I have owned Flathead Valley rental properties for years. I'll be the first to admit that never thought a property manager was totally necessary. And then I attended a week-long property management training and certification course and studied the Residential Landlord Tenant Act .  It became very clear that there are multiple benefits to hiring a property manager - risk reduction is one of the most important.  It's no shock that owning an investment property can be a sound financial move. Smart investors know that hiring a property manager is the next step toward protecting their asset. Forbes Real Estate Council shares 8 reasons why you shouldn't manage your own investment properties

If you own a commercial or residential rental property in the Flathead Valley, consider  property management. To learn more about the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, click here




Ryan Pokorny, Owner/Manager
Frontier West Properties

Published on 7/25/2018 (5 years 72 days ago) Blog


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